Become a Saddle Fitter at Peter Horobin

Just recently, we hosted our saddle fitting 'flocking' clinic where Peter and his son Rhys came to Austria to stay with myself to teach our saddle fitters on how to flock the Peter Horobin Saddles. It is an incredibly important for as part of our customer service for our dedicated saddle fitters to be able to learn how to flock a saddle correctly. 

It is a skill that is imperative to a good fitting saddle. To be able to feel the panels and the way it fits the horse and to be able to adjust the saddle onsite and place it back on the horse's back to ensure it is balanced and comfortable requires practice and experience. 

Our saddle fitters are a dedicated team of equestrian professionals who are passionate about Peter Horobin saddles and equine back health.

We focus on team morale and family culture along with striving for excellent customer service and our main priority is the horse's welfare.

If you would like to enquire about becoming a saddle fitter for Peter Horobin Saddlery, contact